About New Kitchen Must Haves

Hello and Welcome

I am Linda

wife, mother, grandmother and more recently a great grandmother. Entrepreneur, small business owner and affiliate marketer.

I have had my own craft business online for over 10 years and absolutely love it. For the last 2 years I have also been learning about affiliate marketing, how to build wordpress websites and all about different types of online business. It is fascinating.

New Interest in Cooking

One of the few good things about the Pandemic, is the renewed interest in healthy food and cooking. It is so easy to buy ready made ‘food’ but it doesn’t have the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. Add in the fat, salt and sugar added to ensure we become addicted to it, along with preservatives and it is a long term recipe for disaster for our health.

Nowadays there are so many kitchen aids that can help make it easier that cooking and preparing real food is no longer a chore.

Obviously, I have been cooking and baking for many years, feeding my husband, children and grandchildren as well as wider family members and friends.

Have fun Cooking

Real food has a wonderful flavour with a variety of textures and colours that make it a pleasure to eat and as a plus it gives our bodies the nutrients we need to keep us healthy.

Cooking can be fun. Children love to have a go at cooking and baking. It gives them a real sense of achievement to see the results and of course they love eating and sharing what they have made.

Teaching children to cook is a BIG plus. When they get older they can take a turn to cook a meal, a bonus for you. It also prepares them for the future when they leave home, at least you know they, hopefully, won’t live on fast food all the time.

Is Healthy Food Boring?

Of course not. It can be exciting and fun. Best of all you know exactly what is going into your food.

There are also plenty of healthy alternatives to bought fast food. They taste soooo much better too!

Like burgers? Just have healthier ones. I guarantee they taste so much better too.

Good Health is a plus in this Pandemic too, it ups your chances of survival massively as well as helping faster recovery.

My aims

This website, is more about the essentials we need in our kitchen and the not so essentials that just make life easier and cooking much more fun. There will be eco friendly alternatives as so many of us are realising how much plastic has invaded our lives.

Blog posts will be reviews on products, appliances and accessories. I will also share hints and tips for healthier eating and time saving tips too.


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