The Kitchen is the Heart of a Home

I have always considered that the kitchen is the heart of a home. It certainly is in my home. It’s always been a place where the family congregated as I cooked. At family gatherings, the kitchen has been and still is the hub of all the main action. Well apart from the teenagers who instantly occupy the sofa put on headphones and become engrossed in their phones. lol. But even they eventually set aside the gaming or YouTube to enjoy their food.

Cooking is on the Rise

It seems that over the last year or so many people are reviving their interest in the kitchen and cooking. With more time on their hands due to the Pandemic, with the many restrictions and lockdowns, people have been experimenting in the kitchen.

There are many YouTube videos apparently on the art of cooking to aid the is back and its fun

I personally just use a recipe book. I have many that have seen better days and one in particular, much loved and much used, that came from my mother. I am pretty sure it could be classed as a health hazard because it is so old and so much has been spilt on it over the years.

The emphasis has been on the importance of health much more than usual in the last year because those with health conditions have suffered more from Covid-19.

How to be Healthier

It seems that testing in hospitals found many with very depleted levels of Vitamin D. This of course we mainly get from the sun. But in the last 10-20 years the emphasis has been on using sun cream to block out the sun without considering the health concerns that lack of vitamin D can cause.

The lack of Vitamin D is not helped these days with so many children and adults constantly on computers, laptops, ipads, phones and gaming equipment. I am amongst those because I work online, so I spend many hours inside on my computers.

So much work is done via the internet now, that I suspect lack of Vitamin D could become even more of an epidemic if we aren’t careful.

YOUR Kitchen!

Does your kitchen have wonderful smells wafting through it bringing household members running?

I love the smell of freshly made bread. It’s lovely to go out, then on return, open the door to have that smell to greet you. Some things do not smell good when they linger too long, vegetables and fish come to mind immediately. I nearly always forget to put the extractor on, in spite of it being right over the cooker.

Do you like spending time in your kitchen turning fresh ingredients into wonderful tasty meals? If no, wouldn’t you like it too? I am guessing that is a yes as you are here reading this.Bake cake. The Kitchen is the Heart of a Home

What happened to Cooking and Baking?

Well, Mothers were encouraged to go out to work too. In the past they stayed at home. bringing up the children, cooking, baking, cleaning, washing, ironing and shopping. There were very few appliances to make life easier. Even food shopping was done daily because not everyone had or could afford fridges.

It was a slower pace of life that many now try to get back to in some ways.

Time Poor

Progress made some things easier, house cleaning, laundry, shopping and even cooking in some ways. But it also made us time poor. Both out to work, often too tired to cook, so takeaways often ended up as the staple diet.

Quick and easy Meals HERE!

No time for leisurely walks, so we rush off to the gym, run on a treadmill to canned music or watching a big screen, all the while breathing in recycled air.

No time to hang out the washing, many are horrified at the thought I have to say, having seen online posts to that effect. Instead, the washing goes into a tumble dryer, using electricity rather than nature’s free resources, like fresh air. Dried in the fresh air it smells so much nicer and saves you money.

3 of My Essentials

There are so many time saving devices now to make life easier. 3 things that I use a lot are my soup maker. My chopping boards with the knives in the top and my bread maker.

All 3 are well used, probably not the bread maker so much as I don’t make loaves that often. Though I do have little spates of making different loaves. Mostly I make the bread by hand if I want rolls or decide to make long Ciabattas or make plaits with different flavour breads. They look nice and always go down well at family gatherings. There is rarely much left.

The chopping boards are obviously used a lot and the soup maker is used a lot all winter.

The Pandemic Year!

2020 was not a good year with Covid-19 ravaging the world. It was horrifying in so many ways which we are all aware of, so I won’t dwell upon that.Pandemic

But there was also much good that came from it. People learned to enjoy that slower pace…. well those that weren’t key workers. They rediscovered relaxing and family time. That a walk together could be fun, that there were lots of things you could do together that didn’t mean spending money.

Lot’s of people began to take a new interest in cooking and baking. More people understood that their health was in their own hands. That yes they could have healthy versions of junk food and amazingly it tasted better. Plus as a bonus, it didn’t leave them feeling sluggish or hungry later.

Do You think The Kitchen is the Heart of a Home?

I suspect that you are either just taking an interest in cooking or have discovered it during this pandemic. I intend to share products that are useful and time saving or just downright make life easier.

I hope you will enjoy discovering or rediscovering what I have learnt over many years of cooking and baking for husband, children, grandchildren and great grandchild as he gets older. Not to mention the wider family of brothers, sister, nephews, nieces etc.

I love to Share

There are also times when making things by hand is easier, like plaits of bread, rolls and other shapes. Shortcrust pastry is so easy and quick to make and tastes much better when you make it yourself. Puff pastry on the other hand, is such a lengthy process that I embraced bought puff pastry when I discovered it.

Let me think what else tastes better? Yorkshire puddings! So simple to make and taste so much nicer than frozen ones. Frozen roast potatoes are powdery whereas done yourself they are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Homemade cakes not only taste better, they are not filled with preservatives and strange ingredients you’ve never heard of. Which to be honest is much the same with most ready made foods you buy.

I hope you will come back often and let me know what you do and don’t like. Also if there isd anything in particular you want me to write about.



6 thoughts on “The Kitchen is the Heart of a Home”

  1. Im Glad you have made a point about people being ‘time poor’ as most sites have great recepies but people just dont have the time nowadays ( sad I know) to make sure they have all the ingredients and cook up after a long day at work. Maybe this has changed slightly during the pandemic with more people working from home, eitherway your site offers some great tips on how to make the kitchen work best for your lifestyle. Thanks for the read.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Dan. Had to include that because these days most people are time poor unfortunately. Very few have hours to spend cooking yet we still want good quality, tasty food.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. Thank you for sharing your essential. I agree with you. During this pandemic year, I have lived a more relaxed life. I am happy I was able to work from home. And also that I spent a lot of time in the kitchen trying new recipes. Kitchen became a sort of my new chemistry lab! LOL.

    • I have found that everyone tends to gravitate towards the kitchen when cooking is going on. When you can’t go anywhere you do learn to slow down and relax. Glad you find cooking relaxing and enjoyable too.

      Thank you for reading and commenting Ann.

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article, I can certainly relate to you on this level – The kitchen is definitely the heart of my home. I love cooking and enjoying healthy, tasty food. Because of the pandemic i have a lot more time to prepare healthy meals instead of store bought loaded with preservatives.

    • Glad you enjoyed the article. Everyone seems to gravitate to the kitchen, when food is cooking especially. Many people have found a renewed interest in cooking now they have more time.

      It is tough when work is long hours with a commute added on to always do healthy meals. Sometimes at the end of a long day, you just want something fast.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.


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